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FFCM was founded by Rev. Ray Kauffman in Chambersburg in 1989.  Along with other local leaders, they took notice of many workers coming to Franklin County and the surrounding counties during the harvest seasons.  Many churches in the area would visit the migrant camps where the workers lived, but it was unorganized. 


Because of this FFCM was formed to organize a mission to serve the Migrant Camps.  Ray Kauffman served as the first Executive Director of the camp until his retirement in 2000.  Rev. Rod Runyan, who served with FFCM since 1990, became the new Executive Director.  He served in his role until 2020, when Pastor Christian Aguilar became the Executive Director and still serves in that capacity today. 

Today, we currently serve over 400 camps spread across 130 farms in the southcentral part of the state, and support the workers by helping with their physical and spiritual needs.

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