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Newsletter June 30 2023 FFCM

Loving God and Loving our Neighbors

When I started this beautiful journey in FFCM I had no more than 3 local churches visiting the migrant workers, after 3 years we have 28 churches from different places coming and doing an amazing mission and compassion movement. Being creative is the key to start any relationship; I’m glad how people from our community is helping loving God and loving our neighbors.

Prayer is essential in our mission field

Every time in each trip to visit the orchards I have the same request. Can you pray for us? can we pray together? Can you pray for me and my family?. Let me tell you how powerful it is when we pray as one asking God for strength, wisdom, healing and salvation. Sometimes I don’t have anything to give but, I have the Holy Spirit and the Word of God which is the best gift that I can share.

Students from Alabama, Thomasville Baptist Church Youth Choir

We had the privilege to receive this great team who shared worship songs in Bear Mountain Camp, the workers were so happy and excited to listen great music and also the good news about God. 12 workers gave their lives to Jesus after this presentation.

Annual Banquet put in your calendar please!!!


Being Partners

Please consider providing financial support to our ministry, either as a one-time donation or, especially, on a regular monthly basis. FFCM is feeling the effects of the high cost of virtually everything in the U.S. economy, especially gasoline, postage, printed materials, etc., which affects our ability to care for our worker community in a way that we should do. Gasoline for our vehicle is our most significant and variable operating expense. We are also experiencing reduced financial contribution levels from many individuals who have faithfully contributed to FFCM in recent years, but are faced with rising costs in their own life situations.

If you feel lead to donate, please make your checks payable to FFCM and mail them to FFCM, 6611 Somerset Street, Harrisburg, PA, 17111.

May the God we share continue to bless you!

Please be sure to follow us on our website which is; and our facebook page

More than 2,500 migrant workers from Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, Guatemala and Puerto Rico are coming every year to Adams, Cumberland and Franklin counties in PA.

Picture above are migrant workers receiving food donated by Midwest food Bank

In March of 2021, Midwest Food Bank expanded its national network by opening a new distribution location in Middletown, PA, which has proven to be a tremendous ministry partnership with Fruitbelt Farmworker Christian Ministry!. We are so blessed to have them open up so close to our service region. FFCM is able to go to the Midwest Food Bank distribution center in Middletown and pick up sizable quantities of a fairly wide variety of food items. The smiles on the faces of our workers tells us that they are happy to receive the food items we are able to provide, they especially like the chocolate candy products that it lifts their spirits.

We envision this relationship only continuing to strengthen and expand.

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