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Newsletter November 2022

More than 2,500 migrant workers are coming every year to Adams, Cumberland and Franklin counties in PA.

In 2022, Friend a Camp program became a great mission for more than 20 churches mobilizing their congregations to visit the migrant workers. The language is never a barrier that stopped the churches from spending time with them, also people from different age groups visit the camps. We were able to celebrate and party with them. We had a great time playing, talking, eating and worshipping Jesus in Spanish, English, and Creole.

I believe when we use our gifts and talent to love God and love our neighbors, the church is more active and happy as a congregation. The great commission and the great commandments are essential for us as Christians especially when we have many migrant workers who need the community.

Physical Therapy for the Church Body

When the body is not working or is wounded, it is necessary for the body to have physical therapy to move and get active again. The same way the church sometimes needs physical therapy for the soul. When there is discouragement or sadness, there is nothing better than having local missions. I witness many churches working together as the body of Christ; making food, bringing tables, playing volleyball, making s’mores, playing bingo, bringing donations and bringing hope to the migrant workers. After each visit I got to hear the good news about how the people enjoyed sharing the gospel and praying for the need of each migrant worker.

Isolation, Loneliness, Depression and the Power of the Gospel.

Migrant workers spend around 6-9 months alone in the camps, which affects them and some of the workers have the inclination to feel alone and depressed. A few weeks ago, I received a call from the owner of a farm and he said that two of his workers had depression and they need spiritual support. I visited them and we talked about the issues they had. After we prayed, the two workers received Jesus as their Savior. I am grateful for every person who is praying for us because this year more than 150 workers received Jesus in their hearts. It is an honor to serve knowing that many of you are praying for me and for these workers.

Lost, Found and Party

Luke Chapter 15 is about 3 stories the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. For many of us, we grow up listening and learning about these parables, but for the migrant workers this is a new message and they want to hear it again and again. Every time I share this message someone say, “Pastor I am the lost sheep because I get lost”, another worker said, “I am the lost son because I made poor decisions in my life”, someone else said, “I get lost inside of the house and now the light of Jesus found me here in Pennsylvania.” The workers enjoy these simple messages because there is a party in each parable.

Prayer Request

Please pray for our ministry so we can connect better with the migrant workers and also pray so we can help local churches start the visitation process with them. Pray for the financial support that we need to raise, especially this year because of the inflation in the economy.

We need a Van or SUV

If you know any church or business who can donate a Van or SUV for our mission, please let me know. Our van is having a lot of issues at this point in time, and I am praying to have a newer and better means of transportation for the ministry.

I want to say thank you so much to all the people who participated this season visiting and mobilizing churches to collect jackets, blankets, and making personal care kits for the workers. Thanks to every mission committee in churches who continue to pray for us. Thanks to all of you who are partners with FFCM.

God Bless You!

Christian Aguilar, Executive Director of FFCM

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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